How to play : Use the mouse to direct your worm and click the left mouse to dash.

About Wormate.io Unblocked

Your excitement toward Slitherio-inspired snake game genre will be much larger with a new title called Wormate.io! Say hi to this snake-themed io game unblocked and throw yourself into a new adventure for more challenges. In Wormate io free game, you start as a small worm slithering your way through a big arena trying to eat a lot of candy. The more candy you absorb, the larger the size you will reach. When you become a big worm, you can use your body to outplay other rivals. To kill them, go surround them, block their exits and have them crash into you. Another trick you can do is to speed up your worm to bypass other worms. They have no choices but to hit your body easily. Watch out for other worms even though you become a strong worm already. Protecting yourself is a must and your goal here is to rise up on the leaderboard. For a better game performance, don’t forget to check out some Wormate io cheats online. Have fun!

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