How to play : Use the mouse to break the platform, use the left arrow keys to call for a reindeer from the left, use the right arrow key to call for the one from the right.

About Unblocked unblocked is yet another strategy game from the io games series. You will join an epic adventure where you have to give your hand to Santa who wants to get back on his feet. The terrain is so rough, making the adventure much more challenging to play. You can always summon Santa’s reindeers even though they sometimes make you fall into even sticker situation. These reindeers come out with varied behaviors, therefore, you need to alter their behaviors to fit the current situation that you are in. In case they are no longer useful, you can dismiss them if you want, then summon the new ones to help you more. free game online will test your sleighing skill a lot, so take this chance to present it then see if you can get Santa to his desired destination or not. Let’s prepare yourself for this adventure now! Good luck to you!

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