How to play : Use the left mouse to punch and click the right mouse to kick.

About Taekwon.io Unblocked

Taekwon.io is an entertaining idle io game on PC allowing you to play with a unit. Your mission in Taekwon.io game is to upgrade your unit by training various awesome techniques, such as kicking, punching, and blocking. Always keep the unit upgraded through over time to power up yourself. Once you are full of confidence, you can step into Underground Fighting Ring in the arena to challenge other enemy units to a fight. When in the fight, make sure you use all the techniques that you have trained before in order to destroy all opponents and give them no chances to attack you. Do your best to defeat them all then come out as the winning unit. Taekwon.io game allows you to save your progress, so if you come back to it tomorrow, you can continue from where you left off easily. Have fun with this RPG online game!

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