Tactics Core

How to play : Move around the arena with WASD, click the left mouse to fire, and use key 1 to perform your special skills.

About Tactics Core Unblocked

Tactics Core (aka STBA game) is an upgraded shooting multiplayer game based on STBA.io. Playing Tactics Core online will bring you new challenges to master, and you will have another chance testing your abilities. Since the game is finally upgraded, this time, it features more different warships for your selection, like a roller, a silencer, a manta, and a javelin. Every unit is armed with discrepant statistics and weaponry. Once you choose it, you can enter the arena. There are two teams here, the blue one and the red one. You will belong to one of those sides. You ought to help your teammates protect the base while going into the open to kill all foes in combat as well as try to break their base into pieces. Teamwork is a must! By working together, you will avoid getting outmatched. The more enemies you kill, the more XP you will earn, which helps your team rise up on the leaderboard. Are you ready for Tactics Core io game? Check it out!

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