How to play : Control your raft around the arena using the mouse.

About RAFTZ.ONLINE Unblocked

Raftz.online free game focuses on an epic raft battle between online players. Get yourself ready for this epic combat in Raftz.online unblocked game then see if you can make it till the end. The first thing you are going to do is to build your own raft using the cardboard boxes that can be gathered around the arena. You need to make sure that your raft will get stronger than ever, and it will bring you more power to fight off enemies. Whenever you gather a box, open it to find if there is any special item inside of it or not. In case you are a lucky one, you will even find a soldier who will fight for you and help you kill all enemies automatically. You have to aim and shoot down all enemies’ raft in the sea around you while stopping them from attacking you. The more kills you pick up, the higher the chance you will win. Let’s start it now!


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