How to play : Speed up your character using key W or spacebar, press key S to reserve, keys A/D to steer your character

About Pucks.io Unblocked

Pucks.io will be the ideal choice for the fans of sports game unblocked online. Pucks is a game from the io game series promising to give you a lot of fun. It pits you against many opponents from across the world. You will play with a team and try to help your team defeat the rivals by scoring more goals than them. Once the match is kicked off, you must pass the puck down the ice for scoring. You can perform an extra fast boost for the fast movement, but make sure you use this ability wisely because it needs to be recharged by gathering a lot of crates that are scattered across the map. If you cannot score the goal by yourself, you must pass to your teammates who have better scoring positions. Teamwork is a very crucial factor for your ultimate team’s victory, therefore, you must work strongly together to beat off the opponent team. Hopefully, Pucks.io with free gameplay will bring you a huge amount of fun!

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