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How to play : Use the left mouse button for the movement.

About Popular Wars.io Unblocked

Inspired by Hole.io, Popular Wars.io game also keeps you amused for hours thanks to its addictive gameplay mechanics and wonderful graphics. Popular Wars online is a great multiplayer game in which you have to conquer the popularity contest by collecting more and more followers within the arena. You have to control your group around the map then attempt to attack your opponents, knock them out of the arena and quickly steal their followers. You can make those followers join your group to make the size much larger. While hunting down these followers, you should be careful with other players as they can attack your group and steal your people too. Also, stay away from the groups that are way bigger than yours, or you will be defeated. The objective of the Popular Wars game is to become the supreme leader. Prepare yourself for this awesome competition then see if you can conquer it or not. Good luck!

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