How to play : Move your paper-like character around the map using WASD or arrow keys.

About Unblocked

In unblocked, you once again take on the role of a paper-like character and you have to walk through a massive map full of online opponents. Paper io club online is a free io game combining both and together, giving you a new experience. You are here for expanding your territory! To do this, you need to take over as much empty space around your base as possible. Then, you connect the space back to the base for expanding it. This mission sounds simple to carry out, however, you will realize that it is not easy that much at all when there are plenty of enemies around you. They aim at your tail! Once they hit it, your adventure will be over. This means you must try to defend the tail and hide it inside of your territory so others will not see it. But if you hit someone’s tail, he will die then you can steal his space. Keep yourself alive for as long as possible until you dominate the leaderboard with the largest territory in the arena. Play game!

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