LumberJack Simulator

How to play : Move your character using WASD, click the mouse to hit the trees with your axe.

About LumberJack Simulator Unblocked

LumberJack Simulator free unblocked is a new io game about the work of lumberjacks. You take on the role of a hard-working lumberjack whose mission is to chop down as many trees as possible for obtaining a huge amount of wood. With the wood, you can sell it for money, then use the money to go buy brand new axes. Cutting trees requires some XP, so make sure you have a certain amount of it to do that. In case your tree is stolen by someone, you can partake in the fight. But before you enter it, make sure you already bought some food. You can destroy the enemies using the axes, and with the food, eat it to heal your HP. Do whatever it takes to defend yourself from the enemy attacks as well as give them no chances to steal your trees. The goal is to become the best woodcutter. Do you have what it takes to conquer LumberJack Simulator online game?

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