How to play : Use WASD for the movement and click the left mouse to fire.

About Unblocked unblocked is yet another fascinating survival io game online pitting you against new rivals. There are many things to do once you step into free game. You are armed with nothing but just a bow and some arrows. Now, you must make the most out of these essential items to build structures for yourself, craft plenty of advanced items, create deadly traps to kill enemies, destroy all of them and survive all challenges until the end. When you encounter enemies, you must try your best to defeat them before they are able to attack you back. There will be plenty of power-ups scattered across on the ground, you should collect all of them to strengthen yourself even more, and gradually, you will be able to evolve into the ultimate master of the forest – which is your main objective in online. Play it now then see how long it takes you to become the best player in the arena!

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