Gang Warz

How to play : Move your character using arrow keys or WASD, click the mouse to drive the vehicle, press key G to drop an item, the left mouse to use. Press key Esc to leave the car, key W to use the car ability and spacebar to disable turning.

About Gang Warz Unblocked

Gang Warz turns you into an aggressive fighter who must take down all enemies to gain control of the streets as well as obtain the Street Credit. You will drive your way through this huge arena in an attempt to finish as many rivals as possible. The whole map is now dominated by advanced AIs, vehicles, complex weapons and plenty of more items to see. This is such a big chance for you to gear up yourself! You can easily collect handy equipment and weapons then use them to inflict pain on enemies. Make sure you protect yourself from their attacks because they will never skip any chances to take you down, and once they launch their attacks, if you cannot dodge them, you will absorb massive damage for sure. Pay attention to your surroundings all the time, always have your strategies ready so you can cope with any dangers around you. Good luck with Gang Warz!

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