How to play : Move around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Click the left mouse button to interact.

About Dominia Unblocked

Dominia unblocked is a real-time multiplayer io game online on PC. Your whole new journey is about to begin, so get yourself ready for it now. In Dominia game, you will need to choose a type of race that you like before stepping into the journey. You have to build an empire for yourself, which is able to rule the whole map. Make sure the foundation you build first is always strong, and keep it extending as fast as possible through over time. Encountering enemies is an unavoidable thing, so you must plan some attacks and good strategies to outmatch all of them before they have a chance to destroy your empire. When you move around the map, don’t forget to collect some resources as well as place more buildings to generate further resources for your empire. Training units is also a significant thing that you must do. Once your army is ready, send the units out into the fight then let them help you kill all rivals. Good luck with Dominia free game!

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