Boss Fights!

How to play : Move your character using WASD, press key G to drop items, key T to collect items, key B to purchase items, key P to craft items, key L to level up items, and key K to finish your life.

About Boss Fights! Unblocked

The battle between bosses is always ruthless! Do you want to know how tough it is? Join Boss Fights unblocked game right now to explore everything about it. Boss Fights online game is an epic strategy io game with the multiplayer element. You are pitted against wave after wave of foes and if you don’t finish them first, you will end up getting destroyed for sure. Each wave of enemies is so hard! They will come out with their unique style of play, making the battle much more engaging. You must try your best to wipe them out, then move to the next waves that are even tougher. Every successive wave will be hard to complete, but it also gives you more points to your final score. You can find various weapons on the map or even craft some advanced ones for yourself. If you know how to use the weapons wisely, you will find it easier to kill enemies. How many waves of foes can you get through?

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