Battleroyale.ioSelect a favorite starting area and embark on, a new fun-addicting survival game! It is a competitive challenge in which you will have the chance to prove your shooting ability and other skills. More importantly, you are able to dominate the highest position on the ranking if you are the last survivor.

Once landing on the playground in game, you do not forget to roam around the location so as to search for better weapons and supplies. Remember to avoid conflict when you have not yet geared up yourself! In addition, you can crouch or cover your body with available objects if you are not ready. Be careful! Stay away from dark and mysterious places in, where somebody can jump out and kill you! But, the beginning pistol will help you prevent dangerous cases if you know how to use it.

Features is a cool game. It comes with many exciting items.

  • A .io shooter battle royale game
  • It’s easy to decide on the position to drop!
  • 2D map with a top-down view
  • Upgradeable character as you eliminate your foes in
  • Hackable terminals
  • A variety of weapons


  • WASD to move around the map
  • Left or Right mouse button to shoot
  • Number keys to switch weapons